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Author Topic: Kat's progress (6 weeks on, lost 14lbs)  (Read 1693 times)

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Kat's progress (6 weeks on, lost 14lbs)
« on: June 14, 2006, 10:15:37 AM »

I started the SLD on May 4th with 185lbs, and I am now down to 171lbs.
I am a 34 years old female, used fructose water at first, now canola oil.

Shangri-La continues to control my cravings. It doesn't work on days when I forget my second dose, so I have to be careful to keep my set point low.

During the last two weeks, I had to cope with two conditions that stopped every diet I tried in the past: being sick at home (which used to make me eat out of boredom) and being invited to several birthdays and a garden party with delicious foods and the urge to eat out of politeness. Usually, this would have made me gain weight, get frustrated and eventually stop dieting.

This time it was easier not to give up. I just continued taking the oil, and in the end, I even lost a little more weight.

I choose my foods very careful now, check the nutrition information, and eat fruits as snacks. Additionally, I asked my friends and family not to offer me sweets, especially no chocolate, because I discovered I can hardly resist offered sweets.

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