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The End Game: Shutting Down the Forums

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The End Game: Shutting Down the Forums

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First, let me draw people's attention to Morex's: recent post.

In any case.  The time has come to transition the forums into some new.

Suggestions, volunteers, donations are all welcome.

There is some time for this to unfold, but not a lot.

If things proceed without some folks stepping forward the forum will shut down toward the end of March.

Reserving this post for latter summary.

I'll be sending out email to a subset of the members shortly, and it occurs to me some of them will not be aware of Seth's passing ,and that there are videos of the memorial talks.

Here are a few bits of information.

The forum has approximately 50 thousand posts and there are over a thousand members who make five or more postings.  No doubt at it's peak there were many many thousands of member who read the the forums but did not participate.   The total number of registered members is irrelevant since it doesn't count readers and it's tainted by numerous spam accounts.

Over the last few months we have averaged about a post a week, and a bit more than a spam post a week.  The spam tends to come in bursts.

The current costs are largely not relevant to this discussion.

The costs fall into two buckets:  1) maintenance etc., and 2) hosting etc.

The host costs around three ... four hundred a year.

The maintenance which is real labor by real people is both much higher and less concrete to price.   What is clear is that the maintainance is entirely done by volunteers.   The site's maintenance is poor, dangerously so.  The software is obsolete and hence almost certainly has security issues.  The state of the backups is cloudy.   The last time we got hit with a large spam attack it took me hours of hand work to clean it up.

Hi Augustus...

I read your posts a couple of hours ago but I had to take a few moments to process this. So we are closing down?

It's painful, sad and hard to believe, but totally understandable. It's sad because I don't want to see Seth's place and work get lost forever.

I am sure he found the cure for obesity and it could change humanity for good. Or at least he changed my life.

I want to thank you for taking time to mantain and for keeping this place up and running. But all good things must end, right?

So many questions...

Will you migrate the forums to another platform?

Will you create a backup?

But more important: how can I help?

I am planning to download as PDF all useful threads so I can post them on a Blogger or Wordpress site. At least there will be some kind of memory of Seth's work. What do you think? Can I do that?

Again, thank you for letting us know.



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