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Author Topic: Little things that work for me  (Read 4499 times)

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Little things that work for me
« on: November 24, 2013, 02:21:49 PM »

I've been reading this forum for 6 months or so and I thought I would chime in.
I love this diet and when I stick to it, it does great things for my life!
Here are some subtle things I've noticed that augment my AS in addition to the diet.

1. Coconut water: I think I need a lot of potassium every day, and my body will try to keep eating until it gets
enough. If I drink coconut water early in the day then I get much less hungry. I find it to be a great appetite
suppressant. I think it's just a basic electrolyte, and probably salt affects me the same way. But it's so much
easier for me to get enough salt that I don't often think about it.

2. Kombucha: I don't know exactly what the active ingredients are in kombucha, but they
really shut off my appetite. I drink the basic GT's brand, and I don't know whether any other brand
would have the same effect. It also makes me feel like dancing and gives me lots of energy.

3. Make sure I get my protein first. I exercise a lot, and if I don't get enough protein to keep
my muscles working, I'll stay hungry forever and nothing I eat will fix it. If I eat a single high protein food
first thing, I often find that nothing else sounds tasty.

4. Reading about and concentrating on the diet helps. I notice some people report that the effects of the diet
seem to diminish over time. But I wonder if that's because we tend to get lazy and put in less effort
once we get used to it? I know that when I focus my willpower, write notes to myself, and read
others' experiences, I get much better results.

Anyway, about me, I don't have a lot of weight to lose, but I do have awful stomach pain caused by years
of GI sensitivity. I think my intestines are scarred (maybe from gluten?) and have a hard time absorbing vitamins,
so I've had bad nutritional deficiencies that I keep trying to sort through and unravel.
My body tries to keep up by eating extra, which leads me to reflux and acidity problems.
Basically it's the worst. SO, finding this diet which helps me eat less in general has really
given my intestines a break they needed. When I do it, I sleep better and I digest food much more efficiently.

I find the olive oil unpalatable, so I just eat 2 TBSP of butter instead.

Overall: Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, but I find that when it doesn't work,
I can often attribute that to recovering from a hard workout, or that point in my menstrual cycle when my system
is really working to build itself up.

If I can think of anything else that might be helpful, I'll add it in the thread.
This forum has helped me so much, I would like to contribute if I can!



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Re: Little things that work for me
« Reply #1 on: November 24, 2013, 11:47:42 PM »

Thanks for starting this thread. Thought I will add my observations as well. Ok I am on SLD for the 4 th time. My starting weight has been 83 and wanted to go down to 75. I almost made it to 78 and then fell off the wagon. It was just my fault. I think I started with EVOO and realized that it was a bad choice for me. Now I am on canola and it seems to be working well for me.
Here are the other things which I have tried along and is working for me. Readers can pick which appeals to them or want to experiment with.

1. Have black coffee without sugar the first thing in the morning (ofcourse after taking in atleast 2 glasses before that. I do not want coffee to be the first thing to go in, water should be the one )

2. I have an orange before every meal, it kind of fills me up.

3. I ensure that there is some protine that is part of my meal. This also healps in curbing hunger. I workout pretty heavy so I consume a little more of them every meal possible.

4. I am planning to experiment with coconut oil added to my morning coffee since i was told that it has its own metabolism boosting effects.

I hope it helps.
Phase-1 Target: 75 Kg

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