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Author Topic: Big activity increase = big appetite increase  (Read 3513 times)

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Big activity increase = big appetite increase
« on: July 30, 2013, 11:06:57 PM »

I normally exercise five days a week, three days of Pilates and three days of cardio/weight training. On Fridays, I do one of each of those workouts. It's quite a rigorous routine, and I've put on 3 lbs. of muscle and 2 lbs. of bone mass over the last four months. (I know this because I had a DEXA scan done just before and after those four months.)

Over those four months, I tracked everything I ate. I wasn't really shooting to cut a lot of calories. My TDEE is about 2600 calories (according to Katch McCardle), and I averaged just under 2200 calories. I lost only .3 lbs. of body fat. I couldn't get below 309 lbs.

I noticed that on Fridays and Saturdays, my calories went up quite a bit, sometimes up by 1000. I believe that was due to the double workout on Fridays. I know it should probably have only gone up no more than 200 to 400 calories. But I got hungry! And it also coincided with weekends and being more lax with the diet. During the week, my calories were much closer to 2000. My normal eating includes intermittent fasting and a Paleo diet.

So the last couple days, one week in to SLD, my appetite has increased. Especially tonight. Last night was just 200 calories over my usual weekday caloric intake. But today was 1000 calories over. And all the extra calories came in the form of carbs. What was I doing to increase my appetite? I spent the last two days on my feet a lot with volunteer work that involved a lot of stand in one spot while doing some light physical labor with upper body, as well as carrying things across a room repeatedly. This was in addition to my regular workouts.

I was wondering if others experienced and increase in appetite while on SLD due to increased activity/exercise and what you did about it, if anything. I plan to continue to exercise as well as intermittently do the volunteer work over the next six weeks.
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