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Author Topic: Fueling my Body  (Read 3491 times)

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Fueling my Body
« on: May 22, 2013, 07:29:30 AM »

I'm on my fifth day of twice-daily 2T shots of ELOO, seeing very significant appetite reduction. Two questions, both related to how this AR interacts with basic biological need:

1) The thing I'm dealing with is feeling like "I should eat". Like, it's dinner time now, so now we have dinner. I'm not hungry per se, and after eating just a little, I'm done. Should I eat just because it feels like it's time? Or is that part of the high-set-point habit that there is to break? I read about Seth having one meal every two days... That just feels wrong. I don't feel hungry or weak (presumably because of my new lowered set-point), but I worry about fueling myself. Yesterday I ate SO LITTLE FOOD compared to how I usually eat! Normally I'd be miserable. Am I miserable and can't feel it? This is extremely weird.

2) I'm intending to train for a half marathon sometime around the end of the year. I've been running 6-10 miles a week for the last several months, and about to start really ramping that up. Will I need more food to do that? Without an appetite, I'm not quite sure I know how to manage my input to an appropriate level. How does fueling yourself so sparsely interact with an intense exercise regime?

The first couple days I felt like I must be sick, and then I realized that the only time I have no appetite is when I am sick. It was pure psychology.


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Re: Fueling my Body
« Reply #1 on: May 23, 2013, 04:06:02 AM »

I trained for and ran a half while on SLD.  If you read the first 15 pages or so of my journal, you can get an idea of what I ate and how I felt.  I was pretty verbose in those days - it was such a unique and successful experience.

"Strength, balance, joy!"
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