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Author Topic: Lost The Baby Weight  (Read 4577 times)

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Lost The Baby Weight
« on: May 10, 2013, 07:49:58 AM »

I didn't lose all of it through SLD (the initial post-partum weight loss just kind of happened gradually on its own), but I did lose the last 10 pounds and those are definitely the hardest!

I lost the weight from November through April gradually and with some starts and stops on SLD. Every time I stuck with taking 2 tablespoons of organic canola oil, however, I experienced AS.

With that said, losing weight is not just about having less of an appetite. I'm also an emotional and social eater, and I noticed that after the novelty of my initial appetite suppression wore off, I was undoing some of the weight loss I'd experience in the week by having a indulgent weekends with many meals out, etc., where I ate not because I was hungry but because the food was there, it was a social environment, and I enjoy eating and drinking with my friends and family.

To make up for those weekend days where I eat more, I've been trying to keep 2 weekdays a week "lower calorie" (at around 1,000 calories; I'm not strict about it and I don't measure everything) to even things out. That helped me when I reached a bit of a plateau with just regular SLD. The thing is, I would never, ever be able to eat just 1,000 calories a day unless I were taking my oil. I'd feel so hungry!

Bottom line: SLD every day with watching my calories intake just 2 days a week has helped me lose 10 pounds. At 5'7 I'm 144.5 - my next goal is 139.5! Will hopefully continue to see success.

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