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Author Topic: Bottoming out?  (Read 3484 times)

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Bottoming out?
« on: March 14, 2013, 12:25:33 AM »

I've just started SLD, and so far am losing weight. However, I'm trying to understand the longer term prospects of the diet, specifically some comments made by Seth Roberts here ( In the following "Diet X" refers to the dieter's original diet, in terms of "style/proportional composition/quality", not number of calories.

On Diet X you gain 2 pounds per year.
On Diet X + lots of flavorless calories you will slowly lose weight...
Then you will stop losing weight. ...
After that if you continue Diet X + lots of flavorless calories you will go back to gaining 2 pounds per year.

Fixing one's diet is important
Seth is answering an original question about eating "normally". The original poster was asking if "all" one had to do was consume flavorless calories -- i.e. as opposed to changing their "normal" diet in any other way. Seth's answer is, in a nutshell, that if one's original diet was causing weight gain, then no, it's not sufficient to simply consume flavorless calories. Certainly one may lose weight initially without modifying one's regular diet, but eventually that weight loss will stop unless the weight-gaining components of the "normal" diet are addressed.

Weight gain will inevitably resume on SLD
But -- and this is what I don't understand -- Seth notes that if one does not deal with the problems in the "normal" diet, then not only will one eventually stop losing weight, in fact weight gain will resume, and at the same rate as with pre-SLD. So, for example, if the normal diet (Diet X in the above) was causing a gain of 2lbs/yr, then once the SLD-induced weight loss has inevitably bottomed out, that 2lbs/yr gain will restart even though one remains on normal diet plus SLD.

Rate of weight gain may be even higher than pre-SLD
Furthermore, it seems that one will resume weight gain at *only* the original rate provided one continues on SLD -- i.e. consuming the same flavorless calories. However, if one decides to stop taking the flavorless calories, then the *rate* of gain will increase, above the original rate. So, again for example, one may end up gaining weight at 2.5lbs/yr instead of the original 2lbs/yr.

So what is going on here? Could someone describe the mechanism whereby the weight loss induced by being on SLD not only stops (which I could understand -- you reach a lowered set point and so you stop losing; fair enough), but actually *reverses* and becomes a gain; a gain which, furthermore, increases above the pre-SLD rate if the person stops SLD.

Start (March 7 2013): 292.8lbs
Target - Phase 1: 275lbs
Target - Overall : 160lbs

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