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Author Topic: Starting 74kg target 70kg  (Read 32307 times)

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Re: Starting 74kg target 70kg
« Reply #135 on: October 15, 2014, 03:51:02 AM »

What I suggest is giving yourself 2 weeks with SLD without expecting any changes to your weight or hunger levels until then. Just take your oil and detach yourself from the outcome. Automatically, in time, your body will adjust to the oil and without constant scrutiny you will notice AS.

Thank you for the suggestions. I actually gave myself a lot longer than two weeks, but I wasn't really detached from the outcome. In fact I was quite obsessed with the scale and with my daily progress. Maybe this was the reason it didn't work.

But SLD was still greatly helpful for me as it prompted me to learn more about diets, healthy eating and the importance of exercise. I have made significant changes to my diet and I've stuck to them. I've broken out of the starving/binging circle and now I'm trying to carefully balance my diet instead of just eating less.
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