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Author Topic: Squeeze Bottles...  (Read 3791 times)

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Squeeze Bottles...
« on: April 26, 2012, 10:15:32 AM »

I've started playing around with these less than a dollar 3oz Travel Bottles to get oil down.

The idea is to "shoot" some oil down the back of the throat with your head tilted backwards. Then use another bottle to do the same but with water. I tried putting oil and water in together but since the oil just floats to the top you get a lot of water then the oil. Might as well use two bottles and get the water after the oil. :)

3 oz makes around 6 tablespoons. So I'm trying half a bottle (eye balling it) in the am and then the other half later on. Amounts to about 720 calories of oil in total.

It is very easy this way, works great with nose clipping and of course these make it easy to take with you; Travel bottle indeed!

Would love to find a way of doing this with butter, but all the liquid butter options just seem to be oil anyway. Oh well.
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