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Numpty01 progress after 55 weeks (65.6 pounds) forums

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Author Topic: Numpty01 progress after 55 weeks (65.6 pounds)  (Read 2023 times)

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Numpty01 progress after 55 weeks (65.6 pounds)
« on: February 10, 2012, 03:17:47 AM »

Progress on the Shangri La Diet 8th February 2012
Progress check after Fifty-Five (55) weeks on the Shangri La Diet.

As well as my chat in the "My SLD Page" section I also post here periodically. Here goes: Headline loss of 65.6 pounds, an average of 1.19 pounds per week. The rate of weight loss tailed off in the mid to latter half of last year and with the new year comes a renewed spirit of experimentation - and daylight! My immediate goal is to go from "Obese" to "Overweight" in the BMI / Body Fat measures, I'm hovering just above 30 in BMI at the moment. My latest experiment is an increased quantity of oil which seems to be having a positive effect with a parallel try at low carb. This is a snapshot but as a minimum I try to keep my "ticker" up to date which is in the footer of this post - hopefully that will demonstrate further progress.

Results from my Salter MiBody scale*

Measure17th January 20118th February 2012Change
Weight (pounds)321.4255.8-65.6 pounds
Body Fat %35.428.8-6.6%
Muscle Mass %34.637.0+2.4%
Body Water %47.352.1+4.8%
Body Fat (pounds)113.873.67-40.1 pounds
Muscle (pounds)111.294.65-16.5 pounds
Water (pounds)152133.27-18.7 pounds
* I was checking my figures and wondered why the component weight loss was more than the headline, it turns out that my scale percentages add up to more than 100% so I will check why and report back. I suspect it is because water gets everywhere :)

Body Stats

Measure (inches)19th January 201129th January 2012Change

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