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I don't know why I'm having trouble forums

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Author Topic: I don't know why I'm having trouble  (Read 3830 times)

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Desperate Housewif

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I don't know why I'm having trouble
« on: October 01, 2011, 06:11:09 AM »

At the end of July, I noticed my weight was in creasing, which is what it does: remains stable for years then suddenly I gain for no apparent reason (like when I was dieting well and gained 10 pounds).

I started off taking sugar while gradually adding in oil. I split it in two because I wouldn't feel good afterwards.

So I ended up with 4T sugar, 1T canola, 2x/day, which I've been taking for several days.

1. The canola oil seems to have a cumulative effect so that after 3 or 4 T I have terrible (painful) heartburn.

All along, it seems the major effect has been to concentrate my hunger. When I was taking everything all at once, an hoir later I would be **ravenous** With the dose split, it doesn't seem to be coming an hoir after, but last night after not being very hungry all day, I was so hungry.

I realize that when I split the dose I should have not double the oil while leaving the sugar the same.... I want to switch over to only oil, but it's been tough because of the heartburn.

Anyway, I weigh 177 and am 5'5"  but am struggling to not go up. I would ideally like to get back to my original 120, but at this point I'd like to get under 160.

I have a lot of environmental problems losing weight because my husband is out of work and loves to cook, and I still get hungry at night from when my children were young. Also, I have to work a lot in the kitchen. The one thing about the SLD so far is that it helps me say no when I'm tempted to snack/graze, but I was hoping for more AS. I also seem to have a reduced need for caffeine :)

I started off taking the sugar water and oil at night, replacing the midnight snack, but ... heartburn.

I'm sorry this is jumbled up, but I am not sure what's important and what's not.


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Re: I don't know why I'm having trouble
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2012, 11:16:08 AM »

Are you currently experiencing a big stress or are you always lack of sleep? These cases make people gain weight because they are the one who are having a faster metabolism.
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