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The wonderful thing about SLD is that you don't have to actually restrict yourself.  There has never been a point during the last 6 months where I felt like I was being restricted in what I could eat.  I have been eating healthier, for sure, but that's a side effect of the AS for me, not because I'm trying to avoid "bad" foods.  And there are plenty of times when I eat the same old crap I always used to eat, just much much much less of it! -- goblyn

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Author Topic: Shangri-La Diet Theory on Healthy Skeptic Podcast  (Read 2325 times)

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Shangri-La Diet Theory on Healthy Skeptic Podcast
« on: May 24, 2011, 12:55:49 pm »

Chris Kresser and Stephan Guyenet did a podcast on the food reward system:

One of the things they'd like to know about is the long-term effects of SLD.  I know I did it for years and then stopped somewhere in 2010.  I've stayed in the 170-180 range since a low of 164 early in 2010.  I'm not sure, though, how one would really be able to distinguish between the benefits of SLD and the benefits of paleo, for SLD made my appetite low enough so that I could choose to do paleo.  So, there might be some sort of problem with, for instance, taking poly-unsaturated oils (which was one of the reasons I stopped- I'm also at a good weight, though I occasionally think about getting into single digits %fat), but the improvements SLD allowed me to make probably makes up for that.

How many people actually keep everything else exactly the same?  Haven't most of us combined SLD with other ideas, like lo-carb, paleo, and even veganism?

Seth Roberts

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Re: Shangri-La Diet Theory on Healthy Skeptic Podcast
« Reply #1 on: May 25, 2011, 09:09:21 am »

Re long term effects of SLD. You can use the ideas behind SLD to lose weight eating anything -- you just eat foods without smells strongly associated with calories. This can be done many ways -- the simplest is to just noseclip food. So the long-term effects of eating this way keep the chemistry of what you eat exactly the same -- all that changes is whether you smell the food while you are eating it. Removing smells from one's life is unlikely to be harmful.
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