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My experiences with SLD, faces, and food anticipatory waking forums

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Author Topic: My experiences with SLD, faces, and food anticipatory waking  (Read 5217 times)

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Jazi yechezkel zilber

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My experiences

I have no weight problem. I am rather thin. But my appetite is voracious, and it seems that i am simply engaging in powerful self control to eat sensibly.

Now i tried drinking some oil. Ad i found that my appetite deceased substantially. Making eating more eay, fun, and the struggle about eating almost disappeared (i only should make sure to eat when hungry, as otherwise i may feel weak even and appetite gone, which is not good)

Meanwhile, i tried some other stuff of seth, and it dawned on me that i have probably been affected by bith faces and anticipatory waking

Yars ago, i was related to a community where people would stay uo early praying etc. For an hiur and then eating together.
I noticed that going there in the morning was good for me, but was puzzled by the effect. I was hypothesizing it is the social effect epr se.

At some point, i stopped this (what the hell do i have with religion and prayer?) and noticed that i got depressed. 
I remember that the depression came with a delay. It was funny to see it, as i could not make sense of it. But this i remember well. The depressive effect was not in the day. Of not going to the prayeers but tomorrow (or later?)

I remember well tinking that logially, i should resume going there (who cares about logic when it is good for me?) but was not smart enough self control to go back

I was not having early awakening then. 
Afterwards, i started having priodically early awakening, i cannt remember the frequency, but it was there and annoying.

Now whe going to the community, i had two hiurs between awakening and eating. Whereas at home i would eat immediatey after waking.

Another thing that ouzzled me was hw i came tk wake ul naturally *befkre* my scheduled wakeup time. As i used before to wake uo much later.

With food anticipation it makes perfect sense. I woke uo two hours before icnditioned feeding.

Very very interesting.

Seth Roberts

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Re: My experiences with SLD, faces, and food anticipatory waking
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2011, 06:22:42 AM »

yes, very interesting. I will post this on my blog.

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