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Bill Clinton explains hisnew diet for dramatic weight loss and self-healing body forums

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Author Topic: Bill Clinton explains hisnew diet for dramatic weight loss and self-healing body  (Read 7820 times)

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Bill Clinton became a vegan, lost 24 pounds, healing himself by not ingesting any cholesterol:

Doctors Explain Healthy Way for Bill Clinton's Dramatic Weight Loss:

An Alchemist

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It's pretty hard to imagine Cheeseburger Willy as  vegan... :shock:


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Now if he could just give up carousing...


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I read somewhere that he followed the Dean Ornish plan - strictly vegetarian.  My DH and I were on it about 10 years ago.  Worked great for DH - he lost weight and cholesterol numbers normalized.  I just gained more weight.


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Ya know, this is just scary to me.  Do you know what cholesterol is?  Are you aware of how vital it is to natural biological processes?  If you don't get it from your diet, your body will make it- and then I suspect some of you will go get drugs to block that too. 

One of the weirdest parts of this whole spiel- when you are trying to lose weight it means you are trying to burn your own fat.  Your own saturated fat.  Your own saturated fat stores that your own body made because it is the easiest way for it to store and access those calories.  Your own body will take your excess 'vegan' calories and go through all kinds of contortions to turn it into fat, so that it can access it easily when it needs it, but for some reason eating the same sort of thing will mysteriously drive the body crazy?  I beg to differ.  The body knows animal fat very well, because that is exactly what it stores.  Sure, you can over do it, and get some unpleasant gastrointestinal effects, but from a blood sugar/insulin perspective saturated fat will keep you pretty steady.  As long as you keep the insulin down, the body can stay in a fat burning mode. 

You can also lose weight and maintain muscle, something none of these vegans seem to do.  Did Bush go vegan?  He looked pretty gaunt at the Super Bowl.  Steve Jobs is in trouble again.  There are also less popular people with B12 deficiencies, thyroid problems, etc... 

Kudos to you if you are actually non-processed food vegan, because that's one seriously hard road, and I suspect a lot people end up being the Coca-Coal and M&Ms sort of vegan, and no doubt their stats are making the diet look even worse than it would normally, but logically, there's still no viable B12 source, or a reasonable safe (from lectins, phytates, various phyto-estrogens, and the like) protein.
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