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Started 9/27/2005 forums

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Author Topic: Started 9/27/2005  (Read 2968 times)

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Started 9/27/2005
« on: June 05, 2006, 08:40:46 AM »

Male, Age 41, Height 6' 1/2"
Starting date: 09/27/2005
Starting Wgt: 183.5 lbs

In 1st three months (by early January '06), I had lost 20 lbs (down to 163.5)

Did not start any exercising until Mid-to-late March.

At beginning of May, I was at 159 lbs.

By early June 157.5 lbs, for a total loss of 26 lbs, which was 8.5 lbs more loss than my initial target weight of 165.

I am now at about the bottom of where I expect to go (maybe another 1 - 3 lbs to go at most, but in no hurry to get there).

Now that I'm at the bottom, the loss is very slow, but the eating is no harder, and I am still very gradually losing.  It's also hard for me to overeat as I get overly full if I approach even 2000 calories, which used to be a"great day" for me before starting on SLD.

As an aside,the way I weigh myself is to use the lowest point of each week.  So, my lowest weight the week before I started on SLD was 183.5.  My lowest weekly weight as of late is 157.5.  This gets me out of the day-to-day normal water weight fluctuation concerns of "oh no, I'm up today."

Stephen M (Ethesis)

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Re: Started 9/27/2005
« Reply #1 on: June 05, 2006, 10:44:05 AM »

Neat to read.  I'm still a ways off from my goal of 159 and interested to read about people coasting to a stop.

Thank you.
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