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Author Topic: Blood glucose monitor as a weight loss tool  (Read 82917 times)

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Re: Blood glucose monitor as a weight loss tool
« Reply #60 on: September 15, 2010, 08:14:33 PM »

Chrianna and I both found disinterest in caffeine just before AS got rock solid.  We noticed the association with ELOO.  But I still drink coffee.

The calm feeling may be due to an improved balance of omega 3:6 ratio.  ELOO isn't ideal, it's around 1:12, but that's an improvement over the typical 1:20 diet.  As omega6 competes with omega3, anything that gives omega3 better odds at being converted is likely to aid mood.  I like fish oil too, animal source omega3 does not require conversion. 

This year PB, glucose, and cholesterol were all improved.  Last year, my doc had been ready to give me Rx for all those conditions.  Weight loss helped, but I think it's a benefit of good fatty acids.



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Re: Blood glucose monitor as a weight loss tool
« Reply #61 on: September 07, 2012, 11:13:05 PM »

As I have felt for some time that I am probably Insulin Resistant, I decided I wanted to see how my blood sugar was doing so I searched looking for ideas about monitoring it as a tool for weightloss.  Look what I found.  Very cool.  I purchased an inexpensive monitor and didn't want to wait for my strips from Amazon, though I have some on order, so I broke down and bought some at Walmart.  The main thing that had me in a rush is that I had fasted for 11 hrs thinking I owuld go in and get labwork done and wasn't able to so I didn't want to waste my fast.  I think it's the third time I didn't make it in for labs.

My results have been interesting and much better than I expected.

After my 11 hr fast it was 102.  I should have done a search of the site but I frequently take both coconut oil, which I see is mentioned here a great deal, but also apple cider vinegar with the "mother".  At first I didn't think of it, I had taken it with me this morning and drank it right before I went in to work.  That was right after taking the fasting glucose. 10 minutes later I ate a 6 oz chobani greek yogurt strawberry.  45 min later my BG was 100 and 45 min after THAT when I noticed I was beginning to get a little hungry it was 90.  I found that VERY interesting that I never saw it go up at all after eating.

I checked it again after another 45 min, and I was still only a little hungry and it was up a little to 94.
I didn't eat but took it again 4.5 hrs later and it was 84.  30 minutes later I ate 1/2 cup of icecream, took the reading and it was 108.  30 minutes after that it was 116.

One of my interests was that after large meals especially including dessert, I will get amazingly tired, it seems, almost instantaneously and feel drained for some time.  I wanted to see if I was spiking and crashing.

So right after the 116 reading I ate a large meal of nachos (chips, cheddar cheese and refried beans), I'm sure the fat and fiber toned down a spike but I took the reading 30 min later and it was 106.  30 min after THAT it was 101. 20 min later I ate 1 spoonful of icecream, tested 20 min later and it was 110. So I ate a large bowl of icecream with fudge. immediately after it was 94, 10 minutes after that it was 100, 10 min later it was 104, 30 min later it was 108 (that was basically 1 hr after the ice cream).  2 hrs after the ice cream it was 104.

So I am not finding what I expected at all.  These are all finger pricks, as I saw mention it is somehow more accurate that other prick sites.

Thanks for all the great information.


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Re: Blood glucose monitor as a weight loss tool
« Reply #62 on: September 25, 2012, 03:01:32 PM »

Seth's research shows that if you walk every day, like one hour, it can help to lower your glucose levels on the monitor.  You can check if this is true for you with your glucose monitor.  His self experimentation paper shows that morning sunlight can help reduce depression.


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Re: Blood glucose monitor as a weight loss tool
« Reply #63 on: January 11, 2013, 01:55:18 PM »

I just started yesterday monitoring my blood glucose and am interested in any experience you've had since this string was active a couple of years ago.

A couple questions:
1.  When you say you took coconut oil, what do you mean, e.g, how much and how administered, etc.?
2.  How did you determine your fasting blood sugar level?  What is that?
3.  What is your experience with vinegar?  I've been avoiding it on a low carb diet but experimented with oil and balsamic for lunch today and my blood glucose went through the roof to such an extent that I'm wondering if the reading was in error.
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