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A new "noseclipping" method, may not be suitable for the extremely squeamish! forums

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Author Topic: A new "noseclipping" method, may not be suitable for the extremely squeamish!  (Read 15718 times)

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Tandoori Trilobite

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It's weird ...  A few days ago, I decided to try stuffing cottonballs up my nostrils instead of using noseclips.  I find the pinching of noseclips uncomfortable, and I thought that cottonballs would block the nostrils better as they provide a seal over a larger surface area.  Stuffing a cottonball up my nostril is something I've been doing for donkey's years if I've had the inconvenience of a bleeding nose.  Otherwise, lying flat on my back waiting for it to clot up is so boring.

The next day, while searching the board for something quite unrelated, I noticed mention of "nosestuffing" in one of the search results.  On investigation, I was quite amused to find that the idea -- not to mention the term "nasal tampon" -- had already come up here.  It just goes to show that great minds think alike, I suppose -- like when Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz independently came up with the ideas that led to the development of calculus.  With all due respect, though, I would say that the idea of stuffing cottonballs up your nose is a little less great an idea than calculus. :D

How do you pick a bank robber doing SLD?  He's the one wearing a balaclava to hold the handkerchief up against his nose. :D


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