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Isara's progress - finally 10 pounds down!! forums

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Author Topic: Isara's progress - finally 10 pounds down!!  (Read 11435 times)

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Re: Isara's progress - finally 10 pounds down!!
« Reply #45 on: September 22, 2012, 06:19:46 PM »

Don't over think this... it is NOT  fast diet... it is a lifestyle. I takes a month or so for you to change your 'setpoint' so you body is happy with less food, less thinking about and craving and binging on FOOD.... READ THE BOOK or listen to the CD's.

There are many facts you should know and KEEP IT SIMPLE.  THE ELOO OR THE Sugar /Water (SUCROSE IS BETTER AS IT HAS A LOWER GLYCEMIC READING AND WON'T SPIKE YOUR INSULIN) as fast and cause you problems... ) Eat in a low glycemic style... and
limit bread white rice potatoes and corn... etc... DIET COKES, TOO.  Don't listen to all these crazy "hints"... stick with the winners. Safe, Sane and Slender.

You can do this.
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