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Changed from eloo to canola on May 30 forums

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Author Topic: Changed from eloo to canola on May 30  (Read 23065 times)

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Stephen M (Ethesis)

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Re: Changed from eloo to canola on May 30
« Reply #15 on: June 30, 2006, 07:18:57 AM »

Stephen, consider making homemade yogurt, like I do. Since you're not in the tropics, you might have to adjust the method (make it during the day when it's hot, or use a machine), but the flavor is definitely not ditto, even made from the same milk or milk powder.

AND, if you can find milk from grass-fed cows (how awful that our agricultural world is such that that's a big "if") it will be full of CLA, which reduces tummy fat. Even though my weight hasn't changed much recently, my tummy has definitely flattened, while eating my yogurt and doing SLD. I use Dumilk milk powder I am lucky enough to be able to purchase easily locally. It's from New Zealand: they are one of the few countries still massively grass-feeding cows. Natural foods stores in the US might have grass-fed cow milk or powder: many individual farms in the US still grass-feed.

Yogurt has repeatedly been proven in experience and study to be so good for us: why give it up, if you like it?

Ann H

Well, I haven't. ;)

My mom made yogurt at home when i was a kid (I'm fifty, that was back when i was ten or twelve) and I've eaten it since.

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