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« on: April 22, 2007, 01:57:12 PM »

I am attending an herb and supplemental class and in reading my homework assignment came across this and thought it worth sharing, not that we didn't already know this but isn't it nice to know Harvard is onto what Seth already figured out???  :D
"Longer-term studies are showing that people tend to be able to control their weight better on a moderate or higher-fat diet than a low-fat diet."
-Dr. Walter Willett, Chairman of the department of Nutrition at the Harvard School of Public Health and the author of Eat, Drink and Be Healthy.
Then the article went on to say:
"fats are bad, right? WRONG! Your body needs fat to transport vitamins, to create certain chemicals to regulate cholesterol metabolism.  Fat cushions your vital organs and gives you healthy skin and energy We now know that fats can play an important role in protecting us from heart disease, too. In fact, 50% of people who die suddenly from cardiac causes have no history with cardiovascular disease.  In support of this statistic, a study of 22,000 male physicians over 17 years showed that those with higher levels of OMEGA-3 fatty acids had an 81% reduction of risk of sudden death.
Sure, there are bad fats-----trans fats---and you should do what you can to reduce them in your diet.  But good fats, found in fish, olive oil, avocados, and nuts can improve cholesterol levels, lower your risk for heart disease, and even suppress hunger so you eat less and lose weight.  Who would have thought "fat" could be such a fine friend?
To ensure you get the good fats, supplement your diet with DHA and EPA, the OMEGA-3 fatty acids shown to lower the risk of heart disease and potentially reduce prostrate cancer incidence.  OMEGA-3 fatty acids actually help strengthen the membranes around your billions of body cells, making you stronger at the cellular level.  Additionally, DHA (concentrated most highly in the brain and retina of the eyes), and EPA help reduce the amount of cholesterol the liver makes, and they thin the blood, making clots less likely to form in arterial plaque.
Get the OMEGA-3 essential fatty acids you need in a single, quality supplement taken daily. I suggest one with more than 100 mg. each of DHA and EPA, comprised of fish oils from frech-water fish like mackerel and salmon. Make sure that the company that produces your fish oil supplement guarantees that it is free of mercury.
OMEGA-3 essential fatty acids are proven to dramatically improve helath and keep life-threatening disease at bay.  However, the large amounts are difficult to achieve without supplementation."
Just thought this was interesting and wanted to pass it along. It came out of one of my booklets titled "Running on Empty, Nutrtional Deficiency, Disease, and the standard American Diet!" - The "Untold Truth" series put out by the Wasatch Research Institute.
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