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Title: Kat's progress (4 weeks on, lost 12.7lbs)
Post by: Kat on May 17, 2006, 12:50:19 PM

I am 34 years old and female. While surfing the internet 14 days ago, I found a message about the Shangri-La Diet in a blog. Being very intersted in how the brain works, I immediately thought "this actually could work...". The method didn't seem to be very complicated, so I just tried it the next day. I haven't stopped since. This is amazing!

I went down 4 kg (8.8 lb), starting with a weight of 84 kg (185 lb) two weeks ago. It took me some time to find the amount of fructose that works for me - started with 3 table spoons twice a day, am at the moment down to 2 table spoons once.

Although I am very happy with the weight loss, another effect is even more surprising and welcome for me: the new state of mind. I feel like a person who is able to make sane eating choices. I went from junk food to things like salad and apples - and lots of tomatoes. This is not like me at all, but I don't mind  :)

Just hope this will continue working...

Title: Re: Kat's progress
Post by: tekayla on May 17, 2006, 01:14:46 PM
 I hear you Kat

Sounds like the Shangri La diet is working well for you.

I am finding that I am naturally choosing healthier foods over the less nutritional ones I would have preferred a month ago. Even though according to Seth's book it is perfectly OK to eat what you like I am finding that my cravings for chocolate, chips and other goodies are gone. I have been eating lots of raw veggies and salads and loving every minute of it. I am trying to eat enough protein but it fills me up really fast. I am on day 17 and have lost 10 pounds. I only weigh myself once a week on a Monday but I think I have lost a bit more because my clothes are fitting  a lot looser today than they were on Monday. But I guess the scale will be the final judge. Keep on keeping on.

All the best, Kayla
Title: Re: Kat's progress
Post by: Kat on May 17, 2006, 01:49:52 PM
Thank you for your kind reply, Kayla!

I guess I am going for healthy food now because my head believes there is very little around and tries to get at least something healthy. Opposed to when the head believes that there is lots of food available - "just eat it all, something useful will be in it, and we need need need all we can get!"

One exciting experience I had after the first three days. On Saturday, I went downtown to buy a present. Walking down the street with all the bakeries, shops, ice cream stands and stuff, something inside me told me to eat. Again and again. "Burgers ahead! Get one, quick!" - "What is that smell? French fries? Yummy!" - "There's ice cream around the corner". This was the inner voice I wouldn't have been able to resist a week earlier - but on that day, influenced by fructose, I realized that I was not hungry at all. I just walked home and ate an apple. That never happened to me before, it was kind of creepy - and a real eye opener.
Title: Re: Kat's progress
Post by: tekayla on May 17, 2006, 03:13:32 PM
Hi again Kat

I know what you mean. In the past it was like the food had the control and while you can resist up to a certain point more time than not the temptation of it wins you over. It is like you feel deprived because you are not supposed to eat something.... but you really want it. With Seth's diet I find I finally have the control and because I am not constantly feeling like I need to munch on something whether out of boredom or just for comfort. I find it empowering.

Cheers, Kayla
Title: Re: Kat's progress
Post by: Kat on May 24, 2006, 12:55:52 PM
Update: Third week. No progress! But it was my own fault  :)

Apparently, two tablespoons of fructose in water once a day are not enough to keep me at Shangri-La level. I didn't notice for a few days, but my appetite was slowly returning, and with it the cravings.
Figured that I would have to increase my sugar water intake again, but this week I really started to dislike it, so I used even less sugar in water and could hardly stand drinking it.

Thinking of swallowing pure oil made me feel sick, however, I decided to give it a try. Found a canola oil with a label stating "neutral taste" and bought it, then tried it at home and
was very surprised: almost no taste, and not nasty at all!

So, starting yesterday morning, I completely skipped the sugar water and went for the oil, in addition to using more taste variety (using different spices, mixing yogurts).

This evening I can feel the Shangri-La effect again: back in control with no cravings, but experiencing strange hot flushes, and  increased thirst.
Hope that means I am back on track! Well, the scale will tell...
Title: Re: Kat's progress
Post by: Kat on May 31, 2006, 02:56:47 PM
Four weeks on, SLD still working - lost 12.7lbs.

I take canola oil twice a day, overall about 200-250 kcal.
Lost all interest in sweets, but keep some apples within reach as snacks.
Some days I am not hungry at all, so I have to remind me to eat enough. I still
enjoy the strange new midset that allows me to choose healthy foods.
And I enjoy my trousers getting loose!

I told several people, but I think I need to loose some more weight to convince