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Title: jc īs progress -five weeks down and up
Post by: jc on May 09, 2006, 11:38:35 PM
Greetings from Europe!

I am a 37 year old female with a BMI of 35,1 (1,72m 104 kg - 231 pounds). I gained most of my weight in the last 10 years with a job that keeps me behind a computer screen for very long hours and when I travel I have to eat out with clients and cannot cook my own food. When I was at university my BMI was around 24-27 and as a child I was slim. My own cooking is quite healthy, but when I travel I eat mostly junk food or pre cooked foods for the microwave. I love sweets! I go to the gym on week-ends, weight lifting and cross trainer, and do moderate Yoga with various Yoga DVDīs 1-2 times a week.

I read about this method Sunday morning and just went ahead to try it. I havenīt been able to find CANOLA or extra light olive oil over here, so I am using Rapeseed oil instead. I am trying 1 table spoon of oil in the morning and a little oil and hot sugar water in the afternoon.

I began Sunday afternoon and on Monday I already noticed a drastic loss in appetitie. In the afternoon I wasnīt able to finish my usual snack of sushi with some melon and fruit juice. I just stared at it and couldnīt believe it. I can eat VERY large portions without feeling full. Tuesday morning I had a simple breakfast of Musli, milk and a banana. But I wasnīt able to finish the banana...I ate only one-third of the banana, the rest is still in my fridge.

I did have a normal sized healthy lunch and a normal dinner.

No weight loss yet. But a total disinterest in food, sweets or any kind of snacking. When I eat after the two hour break food smells and tastes much more intense than usual.

I wake up about 2 hours earlier and feel like getting up (I am a computer addict and night owl since high school days)

My skin is absolutely clean, no spots on my face or shoulders.

I have ordered the book but it will take two weeks to reach me. But I have to say, I am already very, very impressed.

Title: Re: jc īs progress
Post by: Lunaris on May 10, 2006, 07:26:45 AM
You say you've been waking up early?

I'm on day 5, and for the past two mornings I've been wide awake two hours before my alarm goes off.  Usually that puts my whole day out of balance, but I was fine yesterday and seem to have plenty of energy today. 

Now I'll be adding my sleep patterns to the reactions I'm logging.  Without your post I may not have made a correlation so soon!
Title: Re: jc īs progress
Post by: joyful on May 10, 2006, 07:31:08 AM
Welcome, jc! :)
Title: Re: jc īs progress
Post by: spacehoppa on May 10, 2006, 08:27:35 AM
I'm finding the same JC and Lunaris. I'm waking up an hour early and am happy to get up too, which is totally unlike me. Since I have a small baby it's a real pleasure as I get to eat breakfast, toilet and so on before he wakes and even sneak a half hour on the computer too. I also haven't felt more tired because of it. Yay!  :D
Title: Re: jc īs progress
Post by: raina on May 10, 2006, 11:21:36 AM
I think rapeseed oil is the same as canola oil, though perhaps a different cultivar.  If you're in a different country than the US, they just might call it something different there.

I've been waking up early too, although not too early considering the fact that I usually get up pretty late relative to others.  Now I just need to work on going to bed early too...
Title: Re: jc īs progress
Post by: jc on May 10, 2006, 01:50:29 PM
Thank you all for the warm welcome!

It is such a clever idea to use the internet and forums to test and refine this method.

I will be recording my sleep pattern as well. Today I felt very energetic, totally forgot about food most of the time and didnīt eat any junk. My mood is great, but this might also be the effect of some wonderful warm weather. I am eating smaller portions and never have the tiredness or drowsiness that usually hits me in the afternoon or early evening. To experiment with unusual flavors I added some fresh yoghurt to my sushi in the afternoon instead of soya sauce. Why not??? Although I might be embarrassed experimenting in front of co-workers or clients. I also couldnīt do it in an expensive restaurant, some chefs and waiters are very personal about the food they serve. They might be insulted and will make you feel it.

I have been thinking that in posh restaurants here a several course dinner will always have cheese as a last course, because "cheese closes the stomach". All sweet desserts are served before the cheese. So the filling effect of fat has already been known to cooks for a long time.

Title: Re: jc īs progress
Post by: cjewell on May 10, 2006, 04:43:49 PM
I've been experimenting with adding herbs and spices to my foods as well. I added some cloves and nutmeg to my cottage cheese and apple chunks today. I put some Asian hot sauce and curry powder on my canned tuna. I sprinkled dried oregano in a salad. What a great way to find new taste treats! What a great restaurant concept!
Title: Re: jc īs progress
Post by: jc on May 11, 2006, 05:05:01 AM
Last night I got tired before midnight ( a novelty for me), slept very well and woke up 1-2 hours before my alarm. I feel very energetic and although I had a cup of tea, was wide awake before.

No cravings for sweets, normal breakfast and lunch, but also no feeling of "fullness" like in the first two days. I am trying to add new spices or herbs to  create new tastes.

2 tablespoons of oil in the morning and it will be 1 spoonful of oil and sugar water in the afternoon.

No weightloss yet, but I feel great and after the two hour break all foods taste so much better.

I havenīt eaten any chocolate, ice cream, chips or pizza in four days and donīt miss them at all.

Title: New Oils and Real Food
Post by: jc on May 11, 2006, 11:33:43 AM
I think I will try more oil in the afternoon and less sugar. In the early evening I had to buy a few things in town and got really hungry. I didnīt have a warm lunch and starting fantasizing about a nice piece of fish. I didnīt have time to sit down so I got myself something like a warm fish burger. I ate it because I was hungry, but it didnīt taste as good as I remembered it and I was still hungry afterwards.

So I bought some fresh red snapper, salads etc.. and had a really nice dinner with fish broiled in white wine with herbs, salad and melon and cottage cheese on the side. I feel wonderful! Real food is so much better. No desire for a sweet dessert, no ice cream, no fruit yoghurt.

But next week I have to travel :-( . That will be an interesting challenge.

I also bought grapeseed oil and a general "salad oil" today. Both have a much lighter colour and a more neutral taste than the rapeseed oil I was using.

Is that the reason I wasnīt losing weight? Perhaps moving a little more wouldnīt hurt either.

We will see.

Title: Re: jc īs progress
Post by: Trish on May 12, 2006, 03:06:30 AM
I've just started too, and have been amazed at the impact it has had on my appetite.  ie I'm just not hungry like I was.  I mean, I get hungry, but I don't really feel like eating.  And when I do sit down to eat, I can't finish whatever it was that I started. 

It's wierd.

Good luck, JC!  See you around!
Title: week-end shopping
Post by: jc on May 12, 2006, 12:12:45 PM
I am enjoying shopping so much more. I just packed what I felt like eating and ended up with a cart full of fresh vegetables, brown rice, fruits, loads of spices and herbs, salads - but no sweets, chips, or nuts. I am not forcing myself, I went over to my "favorites" - but I just wasnīt interested. I also spent less  money then usual. Hm, all those sweets and snacks do add up.

I downloaded Dr. Roberts article where he describes his assumptions in more detail. It looks very solid and analytical. The studies on rats and humans that he quotes are very interesting. Still waiting for the book.

No weightloss yet, but my trouser fits better and my skin is great.
Title: At the buffet...
Post by: jc on May 13, 2006, 09:47:11 AM
Today I had my first real life test. I had to attend an event with one of our favorite clients and of course there would be a nice buffet at the event. After a simple breakfast I took the bottle of oil with me in the car and took 2 TPS one hour later as usual.

Attended the event and felt fine, no cravings at all. The buffet opened quite late and by that time I was really hungry. So I did fill up one plate and enjoyed the food without restricting myself. No seconds. But roughly an hour later I was so full, like I had three large pizzas. Took the oil anyway and I will certanly not have dinner tonight. Perhaps some fruit, but that will be it.

This went well. Usually I would have gone for seconds or thirds and have a big dinner.

No weightloss, but the trousers fit better.

I think even if I donīt lose any weight, I will just stay on this method forever. I am so grateful not to crave sweets anymore and that the constant desire to snack has disappeared. I also cook more.

Title: Re: jc īs progress
Post by: Dixie_Amazon on May 13, 2006, 11:58:40 AM
Congratulations! ( (
Title: My first kilo!
Post by: jc on May 13, 2006, 09:40:13 PM
Lost my first kilo ( two pounds)!!!! My trousers already showed it, but...

No measuring of food, no calorie counting, no points, no headaches, no gym this week, just 4 spoonfuls of oil and two three hour taste breaks every day.

This works.

Dear Seth, thank you very, very much!!!

Title: Re: jc īs progress
Post by: jc on May 15, 2006, 03:04:33 AM
I measured my waist and in the first week I lost 6 cm. This is not all fat of course, but I tend to have a bloated stomach and lots of gas. These two hour breaks are great for my digestion and my belly has significantly slimmed down. Feels good. Usually I drink green tea all day, now I wonder if the caffeine was influencing my digestion?

I now drink a cup of tea in the morning and sip on hot water during the breaks.

Other effects:

- rough spots on my skin are disappearing

I have two dry/rough spots on my ellbows. The one on the right has already dissapeared, the one on the left is smaller and noticabely softer

- no PMS, less pain

I was very surprised to have no PMS and very little pain this month. I usually need a really strong dose of Ibuprofen, up to 1,5 g (1500 mg) on a bad day.

I am reading up on Prostaglandine synthesis and unsaturated fats. Was I lacking something before? I always had really good olive oil with my food, but perhaps I need more oil or the oil gets absorbed better during that two hour break?

4 TBS of oil and so many effects. Fascinating.

Title: The book has arrived!
Post by: jc on May 16, 2006, 01:33:00 AM
The book has finally arrived!

And I lost another kilo, down to 102 kg (226 pounds). This is fun!
Title: Re: jc īs progress
Post by: jc on May 16, 2006, 09:41:50 PM
Yesterday was a beautiful day and I really felt like having ice cream. I love "pralines and cream" from haagen dazs, but of course that is high calorie "ditto" food. So I thought, what If I take a second scoop of ice cream with a flavor I havenīt tried yet? I am not too fond of coffee, but tried the coffee/caramel that they have together with my favorite. So I enjoyed some pure"p&c" and a lot of  mixed ice cream with both flavours.

Tasted great and totally filled me up for hours, with no desire for more.

I wonder if all the fast food and ice cream chains just need to offer their customers a spice rack with 20 different mixtures to chose from so that you can reduce the "ditto" effect.

Or will we see new chains with more "home cooked" style meals, freshly prepared with a lot of variation? Will there be a renaissance of interest in cooking and recipes?
Title: My body changes first - the scale follows
Post by: jc on May 19, 2006, 04:07:14 AM
My scale still stands at 102 kg ( 226,6 pounds) but my body is changing. I am already wearing a trouser that should only fit me if I had lost more. It feels like my body is far ahead of the scale.

I am still using 2,5 TBS of oil in the morning around 11 AM and 1-2 TBS in the afternoon. All my cravings have dispappeared, when I get hungry I eat something healthy and fill up with about half the amount I used to eat. At the office and at home I now have various spices and mixtures and always sprinkle them over my food to keep changing the taste. I havenīt been to the gym in a while and I miss it, but my weight keeps going down anyway.

The method works, it is becoming part of my daily routine.
Title: Re: jc īs progress - second week, down 4 pounds (2 kilos) without gym or cravings
Post by: jc on May 21, 2006, 08:29:18 AM
Scale at 101-102 kg  (224-226 pounds), so I am still losing weight although I had a "comfort food attack" yesterday and deliberately missed the oil because I actually wanted to eat the quantitiy that I am used to. Is that stupid? I donīt now, but even without the oil I ate much less and today I am back on plan. Feels good to now this system is so flexible and you donīt get "punished" right away, if you miss out for a day or two.

Title: Re: jc īs progress - second week, down 4 pounds (2 kilos) without gym or craving
Post by: Will on May 22, 2006, 04:22:57 PM
Congratulations jk, sounds like you are making good progress.  I agree with you the flexibility and simplicity of the diet are fantastic.   :D
Title: I forgot to eat!
Post by: jc on May 24, 2006, 02:22:53 PM
My weight is still at 102 kg, but today I just had breakfast, and two hours later a sandwich and then I forgot to eat!!! It is nearly midnight and I have been up and running for hours, and I am not even hungry, dizzy or tired. I also forgot the oil and will take some now before going to bed. But for me this is such a bizzare experience. No snacks inbetween, just a little black tea with sugar.

Title: Re: jc īs progress - second week, down 4 pounds (2 kilos) without gym or cravings
Post by: jc on May 28, 2006, 03:23:28 AM
Still at change, hm

Still 3-4 TBS of oil a day, no snacking, much less sweets or junk food.

Title: Re: jc īs progress - second week, down 4 pounds (2 kilos) without gym or craving
Post by: Denise on May 28, 2006, 11:35:22 AM
Have you tried using just 2T to see if you still get the suppression?  I have great success with just 2T.
Title: Re: jc īs progress - second week, down 4 pounds (2 kilos) without gym or cravings
Post by: jc on May 28, 2006, 12:57:04 PM
Hi Denise,

yes I want to spend the next week experimenting with the dose of oil. What worries me is that although the cravings are gone I am still eating quite large amounts of food. In the beginning my appetite was cut nearly in half, now it is perhaps 30 % less then when I started.

I am eating much healthier food though and cooking more myself. And I am experimenting with a lot of different flavors and fresh herbs.

The week was also very hectic and I havenīt had time for the gym apart from some daily yoga. And sitting in front of a screen all day, doesnīt burn a lot :-(

But I am not giving up. Canīt afford to go back to junk food. Iīd rather spend that money on something else.
Title: Re: jc īs progress - third week, down 6 pounds (3 kilos) without gym or cravings
Post by: jc on May 31, 2006, 03:25:17 AM
101 kg!  224 pounds!

Ok, so there are plateaus, but it works. Like others have mentioned I really seem to be losing mostly around my midline. I usually have a large belly and that has slimmed down by nearly 10 cm. I also feel less bloated, so I am sure a lot of it is just "less gas" and instant slimming. But who cares? It looks great! I have reduced the oil a bit to 1,5 TBS in the afternoon and one TBS at night before I go to bed.

I love the fact that I never need to "control" my appetite - I can eat ice cream, cake, pizza etc...but my body just gets satisfied with much less of these foods and has a strong desire for fresh food. I use spices or spice mixtures on everything and have also bought fresh herbs. I am discovering a whole new world of flavours and on the week-ends I plan to invite friends to cook for them, just like when we were students and too poor to go out.

When I lose 10% of my body weight, i.e. when I reach 94 kg (208,8) I will buy 10 books and give them to friends and family. It wonīt even cost me anything, I have already saved that amount by cooking more and buying less groceries than before.
Title: Re: jc īs progress - third week, down 6 pounds (3 kilos) without gym or cravings
Post by: jc on June 18, 2006, 02:57:37 AM
OK, I have been a bad girl, went totally off the oil for a while and then only used grapeseed oil with two TBsp a day.

Current weight: 103 kg.

I have to admit, I am very happy! I ate loads of sweets, especially chocolate, had several full restaurant dinners while traveling. Usually I would gain at least four kilos while binging like that.

Now I am back to a routine of 2 TBSP of rapeseed oil just after waking up and 1-2 TBSP either in the afternoon or before going to bed. I will stay away from grapeseed oil for a while, I think it is less effective for me.
Title: Re: jc īs progress -five weeks down and up
Post by: jc on February 15, 2010, 06:00:23 PM
Hello Shangri La world, Iīm back!

Unfortunately my weight has balloned to a terrible 117 kg. The last two years have been VERY stressful, a complex court case, I had to close down my business, people lost their jobs, my mother was in hospital etc...

Now I am literally trying to restart my life. I have a new job that gives me much more control over my time. No more trade shows!!!
I have signed up with a personal trainer and am trying to like my gym. Well, at least I try.

I am still not free of all my old problems (especially the never ending, expensive, court case), but at least with my new job I can create a much healthier work life balance. I donīt have a car anymore, so I walk everywhere or take the bicycle.

Started with my first oil/water tonight.

Iīll keep you posted.

ETA: Of course, i will try to use anything else that I know worked, like relaxation, flotation tanks etc...However what scares me a bit is my setpoint. Every time I lose weight and then the reality of life hits me and I get off whatever worked, I regain all the weight lost and hit a new setpoint. The 117 kg have been VERY stubborn. I was overeating the last two months, got very little sleep but my weight is still 117kg. I was actually scared to step on the scale for two months and very surprised that my weight didnīt change.

I definately have a set point. I hope that changing my lifestyle will get it down permanently. 

Title: Re: jc īs progress -five weeks down and up
Post by: shovelqueen on February 15, 2010, 07:10:26 PM
Welcome back, JC!  When were you here before? 

Good news about getting a better work/life balance.  Life is too short to spend it all on work!

Good luck! :D
Title: Re: jc īs progress -five weeks down and up
Post by: jc on February 17, 2010, 02:44:26 PM
Last time I was here was in 2007! So itīs been a while. Letīs see what I have learned in the meantime!
Title: Re: jc īs progress -five weeks down and up
Post by: jc on March 02, 2010, 02:20:38 PM
Just wanted to add I am getting great AS from a simple Misosoup with Tofu. I now make this my last little meal at night. Might try some variations on the soup. Definetly no carbs in the evening.
Title: Re: jc īs progress -five weeks down and up
Post by: jc on May 27, 2010, 06:48:30 PM
Two months ago I was told I have diabetes type2 :-(.

My doc put me on a very new medication called "Victoza". It helps the body to manage Insulin and also has a very strong AS that helps you lose weight. I lost over 10 kg in the last two months. I eat very healthy food, have cut out all sweets/whitebread/pasta and take my meds every night. If I forget my medication then the next day my appetite is back.

Now that my blood sugar is under control I have a lot more energy during the day and sleep really well at night. My doctor says I must have been ill for many years. Although I am sad I have diabetes I am also happy that all the tiredness and hunger where not a lack of discipline that I had to feel guilty about.

It was just my metabolism gone haywire.