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Title: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: spacehoppa on May 06, 2006, 02:37:06 AM
I'm a 32 year old woman with a 5 month old son and pretty bad rheumatoid arthritis. I've been on quite a high dose of steroids lately which hasn't helped me lose the baby weight, although I just managed to get my steroid dose down to 2.5mg/day yesterday morning, so hopefully that won't interfere with the SLD too much.

I can't exercise vigorously, although I do get a walk in every day and look after my son, which for me is exhausting. And because of this exhaustion I have been 'allowing' myself to overeat for a long time, pregnancy included. I justified it as a way to keep my energy levels up, but it doesn't work that way of course.

I hit an all-time high of 196 pounds† :shock: on Wednesday morning this week (3rd May) which shocked me into a 'try anything' frame of mind. Like others, I had good success with Atkins, but I can't sustain the discipline needed to stick to the diet with a young baby and a draining illness.

Since Wednesday I appear to have lost 4 pounds! Hopefully that's not all water weight, but time will tell. I have felt hungry whilst on this diet, but at the same time like I don't fancy eating... It is a curious sensation - a rumbly tummy but also feeling full. I can't explain it very well.

But the main difference is that I normally go hunting for sugary snacks (chocolate, chocolate, chocolate) after meals and midway between meals and I haven't done that at all since starting the diet and haven't missed it either. Long may this continue!

May 3rd - 196 lbs
May 4th - 194.5 lbs
May 5th - 193.5 lbs
May 6th† - 192 lbs

My only problem so far is that I find getting the ELOO down quite tough (but worth it!) and that I often get a queasy stomach afterwards. Hopefully my body will get used to it with time. Thank you Seth!! If this works, you deserve the Nobel Prize!
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: Ann H on May 06, 2006, 06:28:32 AM
Hey, spacehoppa,

Your story is so similar to what mine was when I started in September! I just had to leave you a note!

When I started, I was 31 and also WAY overweight 5 months after my daughter's birth (and breastfeeding, moreover, which sometimes can keep you fat) at 192 pounds: so close to your weight! (My ideal weight is way down near the 140s somewhere, depending on my athleticism.) And my daughter is my second kid, so there was no way I even had time for a walk. (Take it easy on your joints!! Don't exercise more than your joint doctor recommends! I lost my weight with NADA "exercise" other than kidchasing and trying to stay in a relatively upright position while nursing half-asleep at night.)

After just a few weeks on shangri-la my weight fell to 172. And I ate very well: it certainly wasn't muscle lost! It was MANIFESTLY flab. I have stayed at roughly 172 for 6 months now, while only applying the methods inconsistently.

I removed the entire weight of my big twenty-pound baby in fat! I stacked up twenty pounds of books on the scale just to roll around in the delight and savor the weight loss. And I never gained it back, other than a few pounds on ocassionally, which would fall off within a few days of using the methods correctly again. Now I've gotten back consistently "on" the diet again, trying to lose another baby or so of weight...

Keep going! I hope your weight loss is as successful as mine or more! And keep just being a good momma to that baby and take care of yourself. And eat very healthily (just not excessive amounts), for your and your baby's sakes. This might be easy weight loss for you like mine was, and nothing to worry about: just to celebrate!

Even if I never get more than those 20 pounds off, I STILL think Seth deserves a Nobel! Or at least a nice boat. We can all order enough of that doctor's-office-toy "fake fat" to make him a big yacht (island?) after this! Or a groovy "organic" alternative home! It can be "pre-flab" housing, ark, ark. Whatcha think, Seth? You want the flab? ;)

Ann H
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: spacehoppa on May 06, 2006, 11:33:01 PM
Hi Ann, Yes, I've read your posts and often thought that I recognise myself in you† :) .

I do hope I have as much success as you've had. I'm not after a Hollywood thin body, just a couple of stone off (about 30 pounds in your money) would make me a very happy girl and I'd feel that I would have reset the clock so that I wouldn't be on an uphill spiral into obesity next time I try to get pregnant.

And it would be so wonderful, like you've found, to be able to drop a few pounds when I've put them on and not to have to stress about it. The trouble with Atkins is that I really only lost weight in ketosis and getting into ketosis is not a two day thing! Whereas, if this works like I'm hoping it will, getting back on the wagon and shedding a few pounds may take as little as a week and in terms of effort - hardly any!

I'm so glad to hear you lost the weight without undergoing some heavy gym-based exercise regime. I simply can't do that stuff anymore with my arthritic joints. It's actually very difficult and painful for me to get up and down off the floor even, so the best exercise for me is gentle walks. I do believe our weight (although not the same as fitness) has more to do with what food we put in our bodies than how much we burn off though, and this was borne out by doing Atkins. No change in exercise level, but a huge change in weight. I lost 32 pounds! If I could replicate that with this diet, I'd be ecstatic† :D .

I agree about building a yacht/island for Seth, but making it out of fat - even fake fat - euurgh! You have a vivid, if disturbed, imagination :wink: . Mind you, the principle is good. If there ends up being hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of people in the world doing Seth's diet successfully, we really could make him an island out of our fat† :wink: . And that 'image' at least, whilst gross, must be immensley satisfying for him† :D .

I'll keep posting my progress Ann, and I'm interested in yours too! I fell off the wagon a bit last night when we had friends over and ordered Chinese takeaway. I ate less than everyone else I'm pleased to say, but even 'less than usual' of sweet and sour chicken is not a weight loser is it† :wink: . The nice thing this morning though, is that I feel like I can just carry on as before and I haven't ruined anything. It's not like I knocked myself out of ketosis or anything. Hurrah!
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: spacehoppa on May 09, 2006, 10:54:33 PM
An update:

I've been on the diet one week as of today and I'm pleased to say I've dropped 5 lbs so far  :shock: . That's pretty amazing for me. I know it's the first week of the diet, so weight loss should be faster, but I'm still very impressed. My next goal is to drop below 189 lbs. I almost dropped below this weight just after I had my baby, but couldn't quite manage it and then just continued to put on weight instead - v depressing.

I should say that my height is 5'6" and my starting weight was 196 and today's weight (a week later) is 191 lbs.

Also, I should add that I've messed with the rules a bit and yesterday took a stronger-tasting hemp seed oil (for health reasons). So far, so good, but I'll keep posting my progress.

One last thing, as well as the steroids, I'm also on another rheumatoid arthritis drug called Humira (a monoclonal antibody) that also makes me put on weight, so if I can lose weight despite this, and despite limited mobility with damaged joints, then it bodes well for others trying the diet.
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: Ann H on May 10, 2006, 01:06:47 AM
Congratulations, hoppa! Keep it up! :)

Ann H
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: joyful on May 10, 2006, 07:29:33 AM
Inspirational posts!  Hope I have as much success.  Keep up the good work, ladies.
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: spacehoppa on May 19, 2006, 11:45:56 PM
A quick update:

Well I've been using a combination of hempseed oil and fish oil (liquid not gelcaps) for the last week or so and I thought I'd just mention that the weightloss continues  :D .

I had a bit of a whoosh this morning. Just like Dee (was it?) was talking about. I had to pee like a horse about 10 times yesterday despite a moderate water intake (sorry if TMI :oops:) and then this morning was a pound lighter.

This means I've now lost 6.5 lbs in just over two weeks  :D . 1.5 lbs of that is in the last 10 days when I've been taking the hempseed oil (good for omega 3s and has a stronger taste than ELOO) and fish oil combo.

Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: mjohnson121 on May 20, 2006, 11:15:03 AM

How much does the hempseed oil cost per tablespoon?


Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: spacehoppa on May 20, 2006, 12:51:15 PM
I'm guessing here as I paid for it in British pounds and you're probably asking how much in dollars.

My 1 litre bottle cost £7, which is roughly equivalent to $13. This means that per tablespoon it costs about 19 cents... Assuming my maths is correct... I should check it if I were you  :lol: .

I'm sure that doesn't compare very favourably with the cost of canola oil, but I've got very specific health concerns that for me make the extra expense worthwhile.

Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: Denise on May 20, 2006, 01:26:00 PM
I'm curious how you found out about Shangri-La?  Seems we have a lot of UK folks on the boards.  And congrats on the progress!!
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: spacehoppa on May 20, 2006, 01:33:38 PM
Thanks Denise!

My husband MSN'd me a link to the calorielab article. I asked him where he got it from and he can't remember now, but reckons he probably saw it on (
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: Stephen M (Ethesis) on May 21, 2006, 06:15:37 AM
I'm really pleased to see your results.  I've got friends at Church that need the same sort of help.
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: spacehoppa on May 29, 2006, 01:32:11 AM
I've been on the diet for about 3.5 weeks now and I'm down 7.5 lbs† :D .

My weight loss had stalled for a week and I was wondering whether it was due to taking hempseed oil (which has a taste) rather than ELOO, so two days ago I switched back to ELOO and I've dropped another lb since then.

The appetite supression was working with hempseed oil, but perhaps not as dramatically, so I can only conclude that Seth's theory is correct and that taste matters!

Alternatively, I was just experiencing a normal plateau... Time will tell as I'm going to continue experimenting and see if I can figure out which it is. In the meantime, I'm taking a high strength fish oil packed with omega 3 to get the same sort of benefits I was getting from hempseed oil. My only concern now is that I don't get too many calories per day from oil. I'm working on getting a balance I can live with.

Another change I made in the last two days is to stop eating my favourite ditto food. This also may have made a tremendous difference. I should really only change one thing at once, but I have no patience† :lol: . My favourite ditto food is my breakfast and it's a (rather disgusting sounding) combination of 1% milk and hot chocolate powder unmixed in a mug and eaten with a spoon. (It's almost like a home-made starbucks and is just as bad for me :oops: .) I have been having this for breakfast on and off since I was about 10 years old and it's the food 'I'd drive half an hour for', to use Seth's phrase. I had my best success on Atkins when I stopped eating this for breakfast, so I know it's my personal downfall and avoiding it is a sure-fire way to assist weight loss.

I had always assumed it was the calories, but having worked it out it cannot contain more than 350 calories per serving, I don't think it's excess calories per se. Which makes me wonder whether Seth's theory is again correct in stating that it's your favourite ditto foods that raise your set point the most. After all, I've had this exact same thing most mornings since I was a child. And it does seem to taste better the more I have it. So really I need to give it up *sigh*.

I've given up the diet cokes so maybe this is the next step. I need to get serious now, that's for sure. If I'm going to start trying for another baby this time next year, I need to lose this year's baby weight first... I'll keep posting my progress.

Happy losing folks!

Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: Ann H on May 29, 2006, 05:50:09 AM
Hooray, hoppa!

I totally hear you on needing to lose the weight before the 2nd kid: that's what I had to do last time 1 BSL (1 year Before Shangri-La). It was HORRIBLE because even with swimming like a water rat an hour most days it just wouldn't come off, and I had to delay and delay and delay having my baby. AWFUL!

Anyway, I bet you won't have that problem, and neither will I now, hooray! Good luck, and we'll see!

I too had been taking my health-fiend oil of choice (virgin coconut oil) which had an icky taste, with similar results: appetite control, but very little (no?) weight loss. Fortunately I had in my cupboard a refined coconut oil which is completely tasteless--more so than ELOO, for sure--and started it yesterday and have already seen results. I've abandoned my fish caps for the time being: will add them again after some more weight is off in a few weeks/months.

Your breakfast drink story is so funny! I love that kind of mix, too, but fortunately never got "hooked". Good luck changing! :) I'm on plain homemade yogurt in the mornings with granola and honey inside: similar enough to be easy to make, but variable enough to hopefully avoid the ditto effect. I add organic sunflower seeds, raw oats, currants, and sometimes oven-baked okara (soybean residue from making soymilk) for the "granola". Or whatever nuts, etc. A blessing of living here in the tropics is that I can take a pot of milk, stir in some plain yogurt, leave the pot on the counter overnight and VOILA! yogurt in the morning. :)

Anyway, great to hear your success. Cheers and best of luck!

Ann H
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: Aliebling on May 29, 2006, 09:04:31 AM
Seriously, that makes yogurt?  Cool!

Ann, isn't coconut oil very high in saturated fat?  I seem to remember from looking at the oil comparison chart that someone linked that it was a much less healthy option.
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: Ann H on May 29, 2006, 06:10:11 PM
Yep, it's high in a certain kind of saturated fat. I did some thinking and medical reading and decided I didn't believe the standard view on coconut oil being bad for me. My thinking is in the "General" "Other oils (or is it "which oil?")" "Coconut" section.

Ann H
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: spacehoppa on May 29, 2006, 11:38:08 PM
Thanks Ann!  :D

That homemade granola yoghurty breakfast sounds good. I have all the ingredients except the plain yoghurt (right down to the nuts and sunflower seeds), but I definitely can't make the yoghurt here in dark, rainy old blighty, by leaving it out on the side in the kitchen  :lol: .

I lost another half pound this morning - yay! That's three days in a row now that I've lost a half pound  :shock: !! I know it can't continue, but I'm enjoying it while it lasts. The other strange thing is that I haven't been eating carefully at all. I've eaten chilli and rice, chocolate, some tortilla chips amongst other, healthier things... and that was just yesterday!! It seems that by cutting out that one ditto food, I have made a huge impact on my ability to lose weight. I wonder whether other people ought to be checking their diet to see if there's one food they have every day without fail. It might be something as low cal as diet coke, or coffee... I don't think it's the calories that are making the difference as I am still eating breakfast, just having something else. I think it's the ditto effect...

Maybe everyone should check their diet and cut out their favourite food/drink for 3 days and see if it speeds up their weight loss. It would be a cool experiment  :D .
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: Ann H on May 31, 2006, 04:23:03 AM
Good idea! On that vein, I've been seriously tweaking my granola-yogurt. And today I had my coffee without sugar and milk. Ich! :)

Congrats on your more loss! Of course it can last. My loss was like Christmas every morning (well, more like Ayyam-i-ha, since I'm a Baha'i) for many weeks, all the way until 18-20 pounds were simply gone-ola. And it never ended for Ethesis! We'll see how long it goes for you! (I was traipsing and capering around my house singing out various joyful Arabic phrases for weeks. Still feel like it! Might do it right now, in fact.) :)

Ann H
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: Aliebling on May 31, 2006, 06:51:32 AM
Stupid question maybe, but what is Baha'i?
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: Dixie_Amazon on May 31, 2006, 07:04:19 AM
A religion that grew out of Islam. As I understand it encourages unity and equality of all people.
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: Ann H on June 01, 2006, 12:47:55 AM
"Wow" that you know that much about the Baha'i Faith, Dixie_Amazon! Most folks don't know anything about it, since it's so young (only 162 years old: the youngest independent world religion). Yep, unity and equality of all people: we are one human family. But it only grew out of Islam in the same way that Christianity grew out of Judaism. (It's a new religion, not an offshoot or anything like that.)

Other in-a-nutshell: Baha'u'llah, the main Founder, also taught that people must investigate truth for themselves, and that one God has continually sent prophets and divine Messengers over time to guide all of humanity (other teachings, of course, but want to keep this simple! :) ). Messengers included Abraham, Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Christ, Zoroaster, Mohammed, the Bab, and Baha'u'llah, plus many others whose names are lost in history, and more to come in the future. So Baha'is revere all these Messengers and their teachings, and see all their religions as actually only one unfolding world religion that God "updates" every thousand or so years. Right now it's a tiny minority religion: worldwide there're only 6 million or so Baha's, about 1 person in a thousand. (It seemed even less than that in the American South when I grew up, believe me! :) ) But they are all over the world, really all ethnicities: Pacific islanders, aborigines, whatnot. I'm a second-generation American Baha'i; my husband is a Chinese-Malaysian who became a Baha'i as a teenager in Malaysia. (It's not one of the religions where you have to marry someone of the same faith, BTW: just worked out that way for me.) And just like everybody, lotsa us is FAT and need Shangri-La! :)

That's a big nutshell! :) If it's not enough to satisfy curiosity, there's good surfing at (US site), (international site).

Ann H
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: Ann H on June 01, 2006, 03:18:09 AM
Spacehoppa, or others, how do you keep your energy up when on the diet? I have to combine taking care of kids and consulting, so sometimes need to keep going when my body would rather sleep. That's when I eat or drink for energy, and then I won't lose weight. (When I first lost weight this wasn't such a problem: my body lost very easily and I could eat a third meal or drink if I was tired.)

Any good ideas? I could try taking spirulina pills with water...

Ann H
Title: Re: spacehoppa's progress
Post by: Stephen M (Ethesis) on June 01, 2006, 05:17:57 AM
A religion that grew out of Islam. As I understand it encourages unity and equality of all people.


worldwide there're only 6 million or so Baha's, about 1 person in a thousand.

Fewer since Iran started massive persecution again.

There are three main groups.  The one that is terribly small, but gets written up a lot, another group and the mainstream group described above.

If you pick up a book in the library, you are likely to get information about the one that gets written up a lot rather than the mainstream group.

Interesting people, glad at least one has found Shangri-la.